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How to choose the right boxing gloves?

How to choose the right boxing gloves?

There are a lot of options available to choose from when selecting a pair of boxing gloves, and knowing the basics will be an important tool to make the right purchase.

Sizing, fit and comfort

Both your body weight and the size of your hand are key factors when considering a boxing glove size. A bigger person is going to be about to punch much harder than a smaller person, so preferred speed or protection needs to be considered. You can find the circumference of your hand by measuring around your palm at the widest points, just below the knuckles.

Boxing gloves come in a variety of different weights and sizes and are usually measured in ounces. They generally range from 10oz to 18oz, and the sizing is determined by the amount of padding inside of the glove. It is recommended to begin with extra padding as this will protect both your hands and any opponent you may have. Just remember that a 16oz glove will offer more protection but will therefore hit with much less power than a 14oz glove.

Your boxing gloves should have a snug, comfortable fit with your fingertips grazing the top of the gloves. It is important to try on boxing gloves with hand wraps on so you can be assured they are not too tight and that you can easily make a fist.

Your gloves should never cause pain in your hand after a strike, but it is important to remember that breaking in your gloves is a process. It is a good idea to give your boxing gloves a few good uses before judging how comfortable they are, as gloves that begin a little rigid and stiff may soften to provide the perfect fit.

Used for pad training, sparring, and heavy bag work

Pad training is great for accuracy, where a trainer or coach will hold up pads for you to strike with your gloves, while a heavy bag workout is a great exercise for building speed and power. Gloves that are 12oz and below are a good option for hitting pads or heavy bag work outs. The lower weight gloves allow you to work on delivering your punches with speed and power without sacrificing hand protection. However, if you do need more protection with working out on the heavy bag, consider moving up to a heavier once to give your hand extra padding.

When sparing or fighting, you should go up one size (2 ounces) to ensure safety and comfort while training. Depending on your body weight, a good versatile all-around glove size is between 14oz, 16oz or even a larger glove. Heavier gloves don't only protect you, but they will also protect your partner when you land a heavy blow.

Our team members recommendations

Glove size Body weight Recommend use
4oz 18-28 kg Perfect for young athletes, from around 5-7 year
6oz 28-36 kg Perfect for young athletes, from around 5-7 year
8oz 36-45 kg Considered as very small on adult hands, commonly used by women and youths (preferred on full contact tournaments)
10oz 45-55 kg Perfect for someone with smaller hands, looking to improve their techniques
12oz 55-64 kg Classed as one the best all-around training glove weights, an excellent choice to use when sparring
14oz 64-73 kg A great all-rounder used mainly for sparring and hitting pads, tending not to tire your arms as much as the 16oz
16oz 73+ kg Used by experienced or heavyweight boxers, or those with larger hands or harder hitting ability
184oz Heavyweights Use by the most experienced boxers

Other things to consider

  • Closure: boxing gloves come in different closure system, such as lace ups, single hook & loop strap, or double hook & loop strap. Straps are a great easy option for most people that ensures a strong hold, while usually being less expensive than the lace-up version. Lace ups are usually preferred by professional level athletes as they provide a fantastic, locked wrist and forearm fit.
  • Material: while vinyl gloves are normally a cheaper option and are geared towards beginners, they don't always provide the best airflow. For increased durability and breathability, and therefore longer lasting, opt for a leather material.
  • Product care: nothing beats the smell and feel of a new pair of boxing gloves; however, they can quickly become smelly if you don't look after them. You can read how to look after your gloves on this blog post: How to clean your boxing gloves?

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