FightFit Boxing Centre

FightFit combines Boxing, Kickboxing, and CircuitTtraining, to offer you classes that will get you stronger and fitter, and develop your boxing skills.

What makes FightFit different are our trainer – all with Boxing/Kickboxing/MMA fights under their belt, they will teach you proper technique, helping you develop your boxing skills whether you’re a FightFit regular or a first timer.

Real boxing and fighting experience is what sets FightFit Trainers apart from the rest! Working out with a FightFit PT also means that your training sessions are focused on what YOU want to get out of it, whether you want to burn some fat, get stronger and healthier, or learn how to box.

Discipline: Boxing, Kickboxing, and Circuit Training
Location: South Melbourne, VIC, Collingwood, VIC
Phone: (03) 9682 9626