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  • Sting

    Sting Round HD Strike Shield

    The premium leather construction of the Sting Round HD Strike Shield delivers ultimate durability, ideal for years and years of kicks, strikes and punches. Designed for heavy-duty professional use, this Punch Shield is at home in your professional facility or at home.

  • adidas

    adidas Iranian Style Double Hand Kick Pad

    adidas Iranian Style Double Hand Kick Pad is available in dimensions of 42cm x 24cm x 9cm, and features two grip bars for easy handling, padded with high density soft EVA, and curved shape for optimal shock absorption during kick training. Made for power-Kick training.

  • adidas

    adidas Curved Kick Shield

    adidas Curved Kick Shield is available in dimensions 19cm x 38cm x 9.5cm, and features double PU/Velco wrist and arm straps for firm fitting and padding with medium rebound foam for heavy duty training.

  • Fairtex

    Fairtex FS4 Narrow Training Shield

    Equipped with handles the Fairtex shield hitting can be used for training for any style of combat, it has a curved shape and is made of synthetic leather

  • Fairtex

    Fairtex LKP2 Donut Kick Pad

    The Fairtex LKP2 Donut Kick Pad features multi-layered foam ideal for boxing and other Martial Arts drills. It can withstand both kicks and punches, and is ideal for leg kicks, foot jabs, knee strikes, as well as body punches. Its two reinforced durable handles provides for a tighter grip.

  • Cleto Reyes

    Cleto Reyes Punch Round Cushion

    Cleto Reyes Punch Round Cushion is excellent for coaching, greater mobility, coordination and for punch practice. Made with non deforming lightweight padding and genuine leather that provides the highest degree of shock absorbency.

  • Bad Boy

    Bad Boy Pro Series Advanced Curved Kick Pad

    The Bad Boy Pro Series Advanced line is designed to surpass professional athletes’ and Combat Sports competitions requirements. The Bad Boy Pro Series Advanced Kick Pads have been tested and approved by the Californian Alliance MMA Gym, where some of the deadliest strikers train.

  • Hayabusa

    Hayabusa PTS 3 Kick Shield

    Versatile in every sense, the kick shield absorbs a huge amount of force and is easy to use. 3 reinforced handles, no recycled foam, impact dispersing foam composition and crack resistant shell will make this an essential part of your go to training kit.

  • Fairtex

    Fairtex LKP1 Leg Kick Pad

    Fairtex LKP1 Leg Kick Pad, aka “The Thai Suitcase”, is an original Fairtex design has that come to be known by trainers world over. The Fairtex Leg Kick Pad is a must have piece of training equipment for every gym. Our Leg Kick pads remain the most durable, and quality crafted Leg Kick Pads in existence. They are perfect for training Low Kicks, and a series of other training drills.

  • Fairtex

    Fairtex FS3 Versatile Curved Kick Shield

    Fairtex FS3 Versatile Curved Kick Shield is constructed of durable Syntek Leather with high density foam core for maximum shock absorbency. It features Fairtex’s famous kick pad holder system for tight fit and maximum comfort of the trainer.

  • Fairtex

    Fairtex TP3 Deluxe Thigh Pads

    Fairtex TP3 Deluxe Thigh Pads are constructed of syntek leather and feature a four-layered padding system of hard outer padding and extra soft inner padding for ultimate shock absorbency. They are designed to help develop leg kick speed, timing and accuracy.