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  • Empire Pro Tape

    Empire Pro Scissors

    The Empire Pro branded Scissors are recognised as the finest bandage scissors in the business. These scissors are the elite level when you require clean precise cutting each and every time.

  • Winning

    Winning F-97 Cornerman Scissors

    Winning F-97 Cornerman Scissors provide a prefect cut every time and the sports Tape wont stick to the blades. You can clean them by boiling the blades, remove the handles first, it will be clean as new. The rounded end is gentle on skin.

  • Medi Pro Sports

    Medi Pro Sports Stainless Steel Scissor

    Medi Pro Sports Stainless Steel Scissors are used to size bandages and dressings, cut through medical gauze and to cut through bandages already in place. Features high grade stainless steel and are not the light weight (flimsy) disposable style of scissors.