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  • Venum

    Venum Challenger Youth Mouth Guard

    Venum offers the best child dental protection: the Challenger Kids Mouthgard !

    Especially design to practice fight sports safely, the Venum Challenger Kids mouthguards dispose of a large gel frame and an high density rubber frame to ensure a maximal protection to the future champ’ !

  • Venum

    Venum Signature Youth Fight Shorts

    Venum Signature Youth Fight Shorts are 100% polyester, and will withstand all your child’s fights. In addition, all the seams have been solidly reinforced.

  • Venum

    Venum Kontact Evo Foot Grips

    The Venum “Kontact Evo” foot grips are designed to enhance your footwork speed and agility by improving your ground bearing.

    Thanks to their 3D embossed grip, these technical foot grips will help you to increase your takedown and sprawl techniques with unmatched mat traction. More stable, you will be able to deploy all your power with strong and dynamic kicks.

    Featuring slip-on design, the Venum “Kontact Evo” foot grips ensure a perfect coverage of your ankle, malleolus, Achilles tendon and instep for an optimal protection against minor injuries.

    Its Neoprene fabric shapes your ankle and accelerates your muscular warmp-up, decreasing the risk of sprain. Delivering an optimal management of the sweat escape, these Venum foot grips absorb perspiration and reduce the risk of slipping.

  • Venum

    Venum Bangkok Inferno Youth Muay Thai Shorts

    Lightweight and durable, these shorts will help your child improve their Thai boxing performance.

    Thanks to its side slits, these shorts offer a remarkable mobility that will allow your child to excel during training and fights.

    Strong and lightweight, these Muay Thai shorts provide your child with optimal moisture regulation and a custom, slim fit.