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  • SMAI

    SMAI Spar Bar

    Freely rotating padded bar for the development of boxing agility and speed skill development. Once installed the height can be adjusted within a 60cm height range quickly and easily.

  • SMAI

    SMAI Punch Bag Swivel

    The SMAI Punch Bag with Duo Clip allows greater movement in your punching bag due to the two carabiner clips. This allows 360 degree swivel.

  • SMAI

    SMAI Punch Bag Ceiling Hook Standard

    The SMAI Ceiling Hook Standard has been made as a cost-effective option for home gym applications. Suitable to use with bags up to 30kg in weight. Not intended for commercial installations. Hook must be fixed to a structural beam / roof or structure. Due to metal on metal wear, these products should be checked regularly to ensure they are in correct working order without wear or tear.

  • SMAI

    SMAI Floor to Ceiling Ball Strap

    High quality replacement straps for the floor to ceiling double end balls. Sold individually. Purchase two, one for the top, and one for the bottom strap.